“Visit to peshawar museum”

Before some days i went to peshawar museum. It was a nice little trip. The statues were amazing and some were scary too,especially the wooden ones. The ancient scriptures fascinated me in particular. Touching the thousands of years old scriptures ans statues, the artists who would have carved those sculptures on stone. What kind of... Continue Reading →

“Toxic People”

I have had a toxic person in my life before who always used to say that life is miserable and he feels desperate. He was the kind that would constantly criticise me. I tried my best to make him understand that he is making his life more difficult by the type of thoughts that he... Continue Reading →

Digital Connections

"Communication is the mortar that holds human beings together. It bridges the gap between individuals and groups" With cancellations, social distancing and self quarantining due to the corona virus pandemic. Communication is more vital than ever. Today we have social media at our fingertips. The digital neighbourhood includes platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, podcasts.... Continue Reading →

Feel for you

Sometimes, no one can fill the gap a dear one leaves behind. You can try and fit in that hole but the truth is, you'll either get stuck or just fall out of it because no matter what they've told you. Some things (people) are just irreplaceable and its all right because i guess, Some... Continue Reading →

“What must i do” COVID-19

As i write this blog post on 30th of March , COVID-19 a global pandemic has spread across countries with daily reports of new cases and deaths. Most cases are currently being reported in more advanced countries. 200 countries and territories around the world have reported a total of 775,540 confirmed cases of covid-19 that... Continue Reading →

Think Before you love me

you need to understand that I'm damaged. I get triggered easily. I have struggled with things. There are nights i spent weeping and I won't talk to anyone. Now I'm not going to trust on you for a while, because everyone has always left cheated or chosen someone else. I'll need reassurance. so before you... Continue Reading →

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